E-MT 100

The electrically driven material transport car 'E-MT 100' is designed as a modular system for the flexible handling of large quantities of bulk material. Based on the modular design system, the basis car can be used for both the construction gauge diagrams G1 and G2.
By varying roof superstructures, the modular system provides for the optimal use of both diagrams.

Gleisbaumaschinen für den Oberbau BGM GmbH

The new generation

The E-MT 100 is the basic unit for the implementation of the 'Rolling System' during the transportation of bulk material.  Old material can be carried away, and new crushed rock can be supplied by means of a vehicle combination.

Small construction projects can be executed without shuttle traffic to the intermediate store, when a sufficient number of E-MT cars is used.  In this way it is possible to half the number of transport cars and shunting locomotives.


The most important advantages in brief:

  • Flexibility
    Bulk material can be conveyed in both directions on up to three independent transport ways, providing for completely new logistics concepts for the material transportation.

  • Efficiency
    On small and medium sized construction sites, the transport of the excavated soil and the supply of the new material can be carried out by using just one vehicle combination.

  • Sustainability
    Energy-efficient electro-mechanical drives replace the oil-hydraulic system, avoid leakages and save fuel significantly.

  • Compact construction
    By electrically driven transfer belts [ÜB], the E-MT 100 can be moved like a freight car without a barrier car.

  • Modular design system
    A simple basis car can be expanded and/or adapted in advance or subsequently by many flexible expansion stages.

  • Compatibility
    The E-MT 100 seamlessly fits in existing vehicle fleets and is compatible with usual systems and vehicles in track construction.

  • Container heating
    The patented container heating provides for the heating of the bulk material by approx. 10°C during the operation in winter.

  • Made in Germany
    Developed and produced in Germany, based on decade-long experience gained on construction sites.

Modules for equipping and retrofitting the vehicles:

The new machine technology of the E-MT 100 offers numerous options for a multitude of tasks/requirements.

Roof superstructures


Version without bypass belt [BB]with a carrier assembly
The E-MT is compatible with customary systems


Version with a bypass belt [BB] and two transfer units (A+B)
Optional conveying direction



Version with one bypass belt [BB]and a transfer unit (A)
End car with loading funnel


Version with two bypass belts [BB], 
Optional, independent conveying directions


Car ends

Transfer unit

E-MT 100 -Übergabeeinheit

Transfer unit [ÜE]
Retractable, swivelling + 45°

Operating stand

E-MT 100 -Bedienstand

One-man operating stand, on both sides


Solid seat

E-MT 100 - Festauflage

Seat for transfer belt [ÜE] with lateral adjustment option, can be

Loading funnel

E-MT 100 - Beladetrichter

Loading funnel


Additional options

  • Container heating, winter operation, starting
    at external temperatures of -10°C
  • 2 identical fuel tanks for long operating periods
  • Energy-optimized VSCF gen set, additional
  • saving of fuel 
  • Dust package, containment of dust emission
  • Multiple car handling, operation and linking of
    several vehicles by a central mobile operating panel
  • De-centralized, exhaust-gas free tunnel operation


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