The loading and unloading car BE 8-16 adapts the concept of the electrical-motor drive of the E-MT 100, and completes the machine technology for the implementation of the rolling conveying system with simultaneous inverse conveying of old material and new crashed rock. 

After short retrofitting times, the vehicle can be transformed from the transport state to a loading car, an unloading car or a system for the ballasting of the track skeleton. The speedy retrofitting ensures an almost uninterrupted availability for loading and unloading processes.   

The ballasting can be adjusted and dosed by remote motor control. This aimed manipulation of the flow of crushed rock also provides for the ballasting of switch sleepers.


  • Energy-optimized VSCF gen set, additional saving of fuel
  • Dust package, containment of dust emission
  • Multiple car handling, operation and linking of several vehicles by a central mobile operating panel
  • De-centralized, exhaust-gas free tunnel operation


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